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Visit the Shrine

Each year, thousands of people arrive at the Mission Center and Shrine. Some come to pray, others to see this historic place and learn about the life of an extraordinary American woman, Saint Katharine Drexel.


 The Mission Center offers visitors a place to pray, relax, learn, and eat. Covered ramps lead from the Mission Center to St. Elizabeth Chapel and Shrine. The Gift Shop and bathrooms are conveniently located. The indoor cafe and the open air patio with tables make pleasant places to eat and chat. Elevators provide easy access to the auditorium and meeting room on the second floor. 

The Sisters want to preserve the sense of the sacred many visitors say they experience. Time and again they tell how they appreciate the quiet and prayerful environment, within the buildings and on the grounds.

Visit the National Shrine of Saint Katharine Drexel Website to learn more.